Proactive anti-corruption practices

Proactive anti-corruption practices

We are committed to carry out business with integrity by avoiding corruption in any form, including bribery, and complying with the Prevention of Corruption Act of Singapore.

We have implemented a whistle blowing policy to provide a mechanism for employees to raise concerns through accessible confidential disclosure channels about possible improprieties in matters of financial reporting and others. In FY2018, no serious offence was reported (FY2017: zero).

Safe working environment

A safe work environment allows our employees to work safely without fear of getting injured. This helps to build loyalty amongst our employees and support the sustainability of our Group. Accordingly, we are committed to place priority on maintaining a safety and security conscious culture amongst our employees of all levels.

We recorded zero (FY2017: zero) workplace fatality during the reporting period and 20 non-fatal workplace injuries resulting in 100 man-day lost during the reporting period. The workplace accidents were mainly associated with hand and
foot injuries. Lessons from the non-fatal workplace accidents are shared across business units to prevent recurrence and we will continuously work towards reducing both the occurrence and severity of workplace accidents.

Key measures adopted to manage health and safety in the workplace environment are as follows:

  • A set of safety rules and regulations is in place
  • Safety committees are in place and safety audits are performed reported regularly
  • New employees are briefed on safety procedures during orientation
  • Visual signs on safety are displayed at strategic locations within operating premises
  • Briefings and talks on occupational safety are organised regularly
  • Accidents are tracked and monitored regularly
  • Employees are provided with adequate health and safety training