Business Strategies

Our aim is to increase shareholders’ value by continuously growing our business and building on our existing strengths. Our business strategies and future plans centre around the expansion of our current production capacity, product development and process improvement, and enhancing our marketing initiatives especially in new or growing markets.

Expand our production capacity and facilities

  • We operated at approximately 98.4% of our capacity in FY2011, and we have observed an increase in demand for our products in Asia and Eastern Europe and expect this trend to continue.
  • We intend to increase our production capacity through optimisation and enhancements to our existing facility in PTP and through investments in new facilities.
  • This will increase our annual production capacity from 60,000 tonnes to approximately 85,000 tonnes of cocoa bean equivalent per year by FY2013.
  • The construction of both facilities is expected to be completed by the second half of 2013.

Further enhance our product development capability

  • We intend to set up a new product development, process development and product applications laboratory which will help improve our understanding of customers’ requirements and to better serve our customers in the provision of technical support and solutions to increase the application of our products.

Enhance our marketing initiatives

  • We intend to enhance our marketing initiatives to ensure an adequate demand for our products, especially in fast growing areas such as Asia and Eastern Europe.

Expansion through acquisitions, joint ventures and/or strategic alliances

  • In addition to growing organically, we may consider expanding our business through acquisitions, joint ventures or strategic alliances with parties who create synergistic values with our existing business.