Business Strategies

The JB Cocoa brand is as much about value as it is about quality.

We believe in sustainable growth and adaptability. The team behind JB Cocoa brand conscientiously develops our sustainable sourcing and operational efficiency capabilities, while broadening our customer base and repertoire of products and customised solutions, as well as keeping a close eye on corporate and social governance.

Sustainable Sourcing

We ensure quality and sustainable beans procurement at origins, supported by strengthening and developing our sustainability capabilities in Indonesia, West Africa, and South America.

Customer Focus

We continuously extend our sales and marketing reach by expanding existing distribution network, and developing new customers; innovating through product and customised solution development, while enhancing our end-to-end supply chain solutions and provide Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services to grow business volume.

Corporate and Social Governance

We are committed to best practices, exercising care and caution in our business conduct, guided by a robust corporate governance framework. We are also committed to social governance –  cultivating a safe working environment that similarly celebrates diversity and equality in the workplace.

Operational Efficiency Capabilities

We focus on balancing growth with cost efficiency and plant utilisation optimisation, undergirded by our commitment to ESG compliance and sustainability – energy conservation, waste optimisation and carbon footprint reduction.