Competitive Strengths

We place high priority on product quality and on our manufacturing processes

We are committed and place high priority on product quality to ensure our customers receive quality cocoa ingredient products which meet or exceed their requirements. We also have a quality management system and quality assurance program, which are certified ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP respectively. In addition, our Group has obtained Kosher and Pareve certification for our products produced at our processing plant in PTP and has also obtained Halal certification for our products manufactured at our processing plant in PTP. Further, we also have quality control laboratories.

We have an experienced management team

Our Group is led by an experienced and dedicated management team spearheaded by our CEO. Our Executive Directors have collectively over 45 years of experience in the cocoa industry. Further, we believe that our team possesses an appropriate mix of multi-disciplinary skills and experience necessary for us to compete in the cocoa processing industry.

We have existing product development capabilities

We believe that our operations, quality assurance, development, sales and marketing departments have over the years established technical and product development expertise. We are able to provide customisation of cocoa ingredient products, in particular, cocoa powder, to fulfil the varied requirements of our customers. Technicians in our operations department together with our product development and process improvement team are able to develop production techniques and process control systems to improve quality and optimise capacity and efficiency of our production facility.

We have a wide customer base and long term relationships with customers and suppliers

Our Group has developed a marketing and distribution operation with a wide network to serve our end customers worldwide. We have built long term relationships with our customers based on our track record of providing quality products and services and we believe that good working relationship with reliable suppliers is important to ensure that the delivery of our cocoa beans supplies is always on time and of good quality.

We are strategically located within a free trade zone in Malaysia

Our production facility is situated within PTP, which is a strategic logistic hub within a free trade zone in Malaysia. This reduces the travel time by road between our plant to the port which allows us to significantly reduce land logistic costs to and from the port. We are also able to closely monitor our containers prior to the loading onto vessels for its onward journey to other ports. In addition, our operations and warehouse benefit from PTP’s high level of security.