Energy conservation and waste optimisation

Energy conservation and waste optimisation

We believe that responsible usage of energy resources and waste optimisation help to preserve the environment and create long-term economic value to shareholders.

We have grown to be one of the major cocoa ingredient producers in the region with two operating factories located in Malaysia and Indonesia. To run our operations, we rely mainly on the following energy sources:

  • Diesel for operating machineries and motor vehicles
  • Electricity for operating production equipment and office equipment such as lighting, office work and cooling
  • Liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas for operating machineries, including machineries for bean drying and roasting

The main waste materials generated in our operations are cocoa shells.

Under our commitment to energy conservation and waste optimisation, various measures and initiatives are adopted as follows:

Implement a preventive maintenance program
A systematic maintenance program for operating equipment is in place to maintain energy efficiency in our processing factories.

Conversion of cocoa shell into biomass energy
In Malaysia, the factory uses discarded cocoa shells as biomass to generate energy for heating processes. During the reporting period, 28% (FY2017: 26%) of energy consumed was generated from this renewable source. The factory also uses discarded cocoa shells to produce steam and generated a cost saving of approximately USD1.24 million (FY2017:USD600k) yearly should diesel fuel be used instead.

Use of cocoa shells for animal feed
In Indonesia, given that cocoa shells are rich in protein, cocoa shells generated in operations are sold to local poultry farmers as animal feed as a form of recycling and generated approximately USD472k (FY2017: USD595k) of income during the reporting period.