JB Cocoa believes in striking a balance between growth and the care for our environment, including the development of people and communities.

Our commitment to sustainable manufacturing extends beyond carbon accountability and developing renewable energy solutions to enhancing work place safety and health.

We are committed to sustainable cocoa, ensuring traceability and transparency, developing communities as well as to creating a greener and safer environment.

We have put in place a sustainability framework, and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) roadmap, dedicated to keeping pace with global sustainability and net zero carbon emissions efforts.

We are dedicated to sustainable sourcing, and have set up cocoa support centres to equip farmers with professional knowledge, and also share good agricultural practices through a lead farmer program in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. We will continue to expand this initiative to other bean growing countries.

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We believe that the responsible usage of energy resources, water stewardship and waste optimisation are vital to preserving the environment and creating value to our stakeholders.


Sustainability in the cocoa industry is centered on cocoa farmers, many of whom are smallholder farmers in developing countries such as Africa and Asia. Such farmers face challenges such as ageing trees, pests, diseases and depleted soils.


We are committed to conducting our business with integrity, while ensuring a safe work environment for all our employees.